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How do we empower Families?

Our personal experiences with autism provide us with a deeper understanding of what families need to thrive after diagnosis. Our founder’s son is a non-verbal teenager with profound autism. They have spent 15 years creating a community and a network of resources. They wish to pass along their connections, resources, and everything they have learned through their experience with autism, giving families a head start on a better life after their diagnosis.

Core Values


Being included and having the opportunity to proper. Prosper. Providing support and services to accommodate people.


Creating community partnerships that can impact those families living with autism.
Opportunity to give to programs in the community.


Bringing together families, services, and services. Supporting the needs of families parents and caregivers


Empowering parents to live their best life with support from our organization and community.


Partnering with other organizations, businesses, and schools to help us grow our capacity to assist families with children and adults with autism in our community.

How We Got Started

Experienced Autism Alliance was constructed by parents Tanya and James Hines who has a child on the spectrum, along with Occupational Therapist Amanda Grozdanic. The trio knew there was a lack of resources for families and wanted to use their experiences to assist families in the autism community. In 2019 Experienced Autism Alliance was created. The 501 c (3) nonprofit organization was specifically designed to link families to local resources and offer one-one consulting to help parents and caregivers navigate through the process of diagnosis and beyond.



Experienced Autism Alliance’s mission is to assist and empower families with children and adults in the community with autism by connecting and supporting them with resources, experiences, and tools to help enrich their lives.

About the Founders


Co-Founder & Treasurer


Co-Founder & Executive Director


Co-Founder & Secretary

Tanya Hines

I'm a military wife, mother of 3 boys, ages, 17, 15 and 14. My youngest son is nonverbal and severely Autistic. In 2006, My son was diagnosed with autism. At the time, there was not many resources available in one place. Throughout the years I have noticed a lack of centralized resources in the autism community. As a mother of 3 children, 2 being "typical" and one having special needs along with being a military spouse, life can be a little hectic. I learned how balance and having a good support system has kept me sane throughout the years. But not everyone is as fortunate as I am. That is why having a community support system is so important to me. I love helping people, working in the community and volunteering. Developing Experienced Autism Alliance has always been a dream.

Amanda Grozdanic

My name is Amanda Grozdanic, I am a licensed & registered Occupational Therapist in multiple states with over 10 year's experience. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Health & Exercise Science & Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. I worked for a nonprofit hospital as an outpatient pediatric therapist while doing interim work as a home health therapist for a small contract company. Additionally, I assisted with program development, mentoring, & training in a smaller clinic. Currently, my focus is working in aquatic therapy & outpatient therapy services for children with disabilities while on the side continuing home health work. I am therapeutic listening certified since 2009 as well as certified in Sensory Integration & Praxis Test (SIPT) since 2012. I have extensive experience in treating adults/geriatrics & children of all ages with a variety & complexity of diagnoses from handwriting issues to severe cognitive & physical limitations.

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending my time on the beach, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, creating art, salsa dancing, volunteering around the state, & hanging out with my dog

James Hines

My wife Tanya and I have dreamt of having our own organization to promote, educate and support families of the autism community. Experienced Autism Alliance is that dream. I believe strongly in supporting and addressing the needs of the WHOLE family. When I served in the Army, I learned that the only way to overcome a problem is as a TEAM! The whole EAA Team stands ready to help families navigate the world of autism.

Affiliate Community Partners

Thank you to our amazing community partners who help us serve our community each and every day!


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