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Being Your Child's Advocate.

Advocating for your Child

The degree of success usually depends upon a combination of early intervention and appropriate educational supports. No parent or provider should ever view a challenge as a hopeless situation. There are hurdles to overcome in communication and collaboration with those you trust to educate your child; however, it’s worth the effort.

When it comes to working with the school district on behalf of your child, you are usually the best advocate because you care the most. An IEP (Individualized Education Program) is a more powerful document than most parents realize. A well-written IEP can drive your child’s educational program and provide the documentation needed should a situation arise where your child is not making the anticipated progress.

that can help you effectively advocate for your child

skills and knowledge

Be well informed about your child’s needs.

Learn as much as you possibly can about your autism and autism treatments. Find out what the best practices are and how your child’s needs can best be met in the school setting.

Remain focused on the child.

More progress is made when collaboration takes place, not contention. Remember the goal for everyone should be to help your child.

Communicate clearly.

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills of a successful advocate. With effective communication, a bridge can be built to close the gap between home and school.

Be proactive, not reactive.

Make a list of objectives and the items you want to cover before the meeting. It may be necessary to take strategic breaks during the meeting to let everybody cool down and/or to regroup.

Learning how to advocate for your child is just one of the many challenges you will face as a parent/caregiver.

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