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Autism Resources.


Paying it Forward... With Grants

Once a year we open our grant program. Experienced Autism Alliance is dedicated to assisting families with children and adults with autism. Part of the way we assist families is by providing financial assistance for the safety and in-home injury prevention. This grant is aimed at assisting families with the cost of in-home safety and in-home structural damage caused by and for individuals with severe autism and/or challenging behaviors.

Paying it Forward... With Giveaways

Experienced Autism Alliance has giveaways several times a year. Our giveaways include things like gift certificates for parents and caregivers. (i.e babysitting services, dinner, movie tickets etc.) Our giveaways are graciously provided by local businesses in the community.



We focus on helping families in the community affected by Autism in any way that we can. We offer free consultation calls, plenty of resources for every type of need or concern we can think of, community events, grants, giveaways, and so much more! Click “view more” under each section to see a clickable menu to navigate to the resources that YOU need.

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free 1 hour consultation call

Experienced Autism Alliance’s mission is to assist and empower families with children and adults in the community with autism by connecting and supporting them with resources, experiences, and tools to help enrich their lives. As a part of this mission, we are offering a FREE one-on-one consultation call for families where you get to lean on the experience of our Founder and Executive Director, Tanya Hines!

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Tanya Hines

Founder & Executive Director

Community events and fundraisers

Learn more about our community events and fundraisers by clicking the button below!

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