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The Early Signs of Autism

The early signs of
autism spectrum disorder

Early detection can benefit your child’s life after diagnosis. You can then seek early interventions and therapies to help your child not just survive but instead, thrive with autism. As Autism Speaks states, “Early screening for autism can open a world of possibilities for your child.”

Autism can be complicated. The reason it’s called “Autism Spectrum Disorder” (ASD) is because there is an entire spectrum of signs/symptoms and behaviors that constitute a firm diagnosis of autism in adults or children. Depending on how mild or severe your or your child’s case may be, they could be experiencing a wide variety of symptoms. Some children may show none or all of the signs listed below but can still be diagnosed as autistic.

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By 6 Months

-Seldomly smiling and expressing joy
-Limited or no eye contact

By 9 Months

-Minimal to no sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions

By 12 Months

-Little or no babbling
-Little or no back-and-forth gestures such as pointing, showing, reaching or waving
-Little or no response to name

By 16 Months

-Minimally or not at all verbal

By 24 Months

-Minimally or not at all verbal

At Any Age

-Loss of previously acquired speech, babbling or social skills
-Avoidance of eye contact
-Persistent preference for solitude
-Difficulty understanding other people’s feelings
-Delayed language development
-Persistent repetition of words or phrases (echolalia)
-Resistance to minor changes in routine or surroundings
-Restricted interests
-Repetitive behaviors (flapping, rocking, spinning, etc.)
-Unusual and intense reactions to sounds, smells, tastes, textures, lights and/or colors

Do Any of These Signs Look Familiar?

If you are concerned that some of these symptoms seem to describe your child, it may be time to schedule a consultation with your physician. If you do not have a primary care physician yet, we have create a list of local physicians that specialize in autism spectrum disorder. 

"Research shows that early diagnosis of and interventions for autism are more likely to have major long-term positive effects on symptoms and later skills."

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