Our Story

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Experienced Autism Alliance was constructed by parents Tanya and James Hines, who both have a child on the spectrum, and occupational therapist Amanda Grozdanic. The trio knew there was a lack of resources for families and wanted to use their experiences to assist families in the autism community. In 2019 Experienced Autism Alliance was created. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was specifically designed to link families to local resources and offer one-on-one consulting to help parents and caregivers navigate through the process of diagnosis and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Tanya Hines- Founder & Executive Director
Tanya Hines
Co-Founder and Executive Director
James Hines_ Co-Founder _ Chief Financial Officer
James Hines
Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Grayson- Chief Operating Officer
Lisa Grayson
Chief Operating Officer
Amanda Grozdanic- Co-Founder _ Chief Health Officer
Amanda Grozdanic
Chief Health Officer

Meet Our Board

Jen Friedrichsen- Event Coordinator_
Jen Friedrichsen
Events Coordinator
Ana Vargus- Community Relations_
Ana Guerrero de Vargus
Community Relationship Manager
Becky Wohlhueter- Behavior Specialist _ Volunteer Coordinator_
Becky Wohlheuter
Behavior Specialist

Our Mission

To provide resources, education, & community events to improve the lives of families affected by autism.

Core Values


Everyone should have the same opportunity to prosper.


We can do more together through collaboration and partnerships.


Bringing together people & businesses to improve the lives of all.


Helping people thrive by providing education, tools, & resources.


Using our other 4 Core Values to empower families affected by Autism.